Why investing in REITs makes sense in the current economy

The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is structured like Mutual Funds (MF), in the sense that it allows pooling of investor money to buy a particular asset. Here is how they work and why they offer a number of benefits to investors. REITs, as the terminology suggests, invest in income-generating real estate assets. The investors […]

US Dollar Weakness Prevails…

The slide of the US Dollar against all the currency majors continued to be the event that is most talked about in currency markets. There is no single major currency against which the Dollar has held well. This is despite any number of regional issues which have been there. This gives rise to the inference […]

Brent May Trade in Higher Ranges With a Weak Dollar

Oil prices continue to stay above the US$ 50 level, and it seems to be wanting to base itself at these levels for a potential upward movement. This trend in prices is despite the fact that the economic realities prevailing globally do not permit any surge in oil prices. The Asia-Pacific Region is dominated by […]

Gold Likely to Test Higher Levels Aided By a Weakening Dollar

Gold-backed ETFs have seen major outflows in Nov 20., the first outflow in the last one year. This is also the second largest outflow ever since ETFs came into existence. Gold ETF holdings came down by 107 tons or US$ 6.80 billion, equivalent to about 3% of the assets under management. This movement happened at […]

Equities : The Market Prevails…

All the indexes have moved up, benefitting mainly from the accommodative fiscal and monetary policy, which facilitated an unprecedented liquidity expansion. It is the low interest rates and the ample liquidity that have helped rebound in the economy to some extent and spurred the markets to move up. These favourable conditions also helped the overall […]

Fixed Income: Continue to Stay at the Short End & Mid Segment

The yields at the short end as well as the long end remained more or less stable in the last two months. The market has been supported by the surplus liquidity conditions all this while and this may continue to be the singular factor deciding the course of the markets in the future too. While […]

Economic Rebound is Happening, But it Needs to Sustain…

There are sure signs of economic recovery in the US, EU, China, and India as well. But it may be too early to call it a full-fledged recovery. The macro variables reflect a rebound in economic activity, but the level of economic activity is still not at the pre-pandemic levels as yet. This is mainly […]

Some Useful Financial Resolutions for the New Year

The economy and the markets have gone through conditions that we have not witnessed in a lifetime. But things have started improving gradually. The markets have moved up. The economy is rebounding. But the experiences during the year that has just gone by leaves us with a lot of lessons as far as our financial […]

IIP: Contraction After Two Months of Growth

The industrial activity growth, as measured by IIP, contracted in the month of Nov’20 after growing for two consecutive months. The IIP growth for the month of Nov’20 was reported at -1.9% as compared to growth of 4.2% in the preceding month and 2.1% in the year ago period. The relaxations in lockdown have definitely […]

Easing Food Prices Pulls-down Headline Inflation

The CPI based inflation eased for the second consecutive month on the back of fall in prices of food articles; headline CPI inflation was reported at 4.59% for the month of Dec’20 as compared to 6.93% for the preceding month and 7.35% during the year ago period. The headline inflation numbers touched a fifteen-month low […]

Room for demand-side measures in budget as actions so far have been supply-centric

Joseph Thomas, Head of Research at Emkay Wealth Management, expects the economy to recover in 2021 but says the market will be closely watching how the government brings back fiscal discipline. The rolling back of lockdown restrictions had resulted in heightened economic activity. Consumer confidence was coming back and we could look forward to better […]