Brent, Being Pulled From Both Ends

Brent is back at higher levels, US$ 86.50, and the forecasts have come up that it may now touch US$ 100. Those who promote this view pin their hopes on the limited capacity which OPEC + may have in expanding the supply, and this dead end may trigger a surge in prices. There is also […]

US Dollar in a Transitory Phase, Slightly Weaker

While the trend of US Dollar strength was intact against a number of global currencies, it received a temporary set- back against the Euro and Pound Sterling. The Bank of England hiked the base rate in its last meeting, and this has given a push to the positive perceptions about the UK economy. Not only […]

Gold May Test Higher Levels, Though Upside is Quite Limited

Gold price which is currently at US$ 1820 is attempting a break upwards after remaining subdued for almost three months in narrow ranges. The main reasons for gold being inert is the developments around US interest rates. The high rate of growth and the high level of inflation contributed to the visible change in the […]

Equities, Some Cheer on Budget Expectations

The normalization of liquidity initiated by the central bank gathered pace in the last two months with an aggressive approach towards variable rate reverse repos. This has obviously resulted in market rates moving higher. The normalization of liquidity is expected to normalize the returns from various asset classes including equities too over a period of […]

Global Economies, Business as Usual Despite the Seeping Third Wave…

The third wave of the pandemic is sweeping the US and Europe, and most other parts of the world including China and India. But it is not expected to cause any major disruptions to economic life and activity as the level of infection is reported to be milder, requiring no hospitalization in most cases. But […]