Tighter Policy but Real Rates in Focus

The Policy Action RBI has hiked the Repo Rate by 50 basis points taking the policy rate to 5.90%, and the SDF rate to 5.65%. The policy action confirms the stance of the central bank and that tightening will continue till price stability is attained. The Background ➢ The policy has been announced against the […]


The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is structured like Mutual Funds (MFs), in the sense that it allows pooling of investor money to buy a particular asset. REITs, as the nomenclature suggests, invest in income generating real estate assets. The investors benefit by way of dividend-like income and also by valuations gains in the underlying […]

Banking & Financial Services Funds

The Banking & Financial Services sector (BFSI), over the years, has emerged as one of the most diverse plays on the India growth story. While the importance of a stable banking industry to support the economic growth cannot be stressed enough, the opportunities available across the financial services segment today make this sector an even […]

The Galloping Dollar

The US Dollar is galloping its way up against all currency majors and it is progressively reflected in the Dollar Index. What lends strength to the US Dollar is the rising interest rates occasioned by the tight money policy followed by the Fed. With an affirmation from the Fed that the same policy will be […]

Yields Stable to Lower but Pressures Persist

Yields have been stable to lower but maintaining a range which is 7.15 % to 7.35 % on the ten-year benchmark. One of the encouraging factors is the inflows into bonds from the overseas investors in the last one month which has instilled some confidence in the market participants. A second factor that has brought […]

Volatile food prices push inflation higher

The CPI based inflation moved higher, after easing for three consecutive months. The headline inflation number for the month of Aug’22 was reported at 7%, as compared to 6.71% in the preceding month and 5.30% during the year ago period. The uptick in food inflation was the key contributor to the hardening of headline inflation. […]

US Federal Reserve’s policy actions ushering in a slowdown, recession not so likely

Though it is more or less certain that there is going to be a slowdown in growth, there is no indication that the economy may end up in a serious recession. In June the retail prices in the US rose by 9.10%, the highest level in almost four decades. This rise is despite the last […]

How to rebalance your debt mutual fund portfolio amid interest rate movement

Debt mutual fund: As interest rates rise, the value of fixed income portfolios gradually declines, and the highest decline is at the long end of the curve Rising interest rates make it imperative that the fixed income investments or portfolio be reviewed for necessary changes and realignments. But one should not be under the impression […]