The US – “A Touch & Go Slowdown”, Policy Moderation Likely

In the last one week there have been a number of data points to gain some inferences from mainly on the US and Europe. The US GDP growth for Q4 of 2022 came in at 2.90%. This is well above the consensus of 2.50% and surprising on the higher side, though not significantly. The Q3 […]

Inflation eases to a twelve-month low

The CPI based inflation eased for the month of Dec’22 and was reported at 5.72%, a marginal surprise to the consensus estimates. This is the second consecutive month of headline numbers getting reported within the RBI’s target range; after remaining above the 6% mark for 10 consecutive months. The headline inflation number for the preceding […]

Brent Well Supported At Current Levels

Oil prices have been pulled in different directions in the last three months. The coming into effect of the sanctions against Russia has been the singular important factor that could have affected oil prices. But prices at this juncture looks well supported at US$ 75-US$ 80 levels. It is quite possible that it could rise […]

Gold Is Pretty Range-bound

Gold has been in a range of 1780-1830 in the last three weeks. What helped gold rise from 1680-1730 levels is the impression that the Fed tightening was probably going to end soon. But that was not to be. The Fed rate action showed the same level of aggression as before re-affirming the earlier stance […]

How to plan for succession of assets located in different countries

A separate will can be drafted as per the local laws so that it can be easily executed in each jurisdiction and interpreted by the Court   With globalisation, Indians have acquired assets in India and other countries. One can either prepare a single multi-jurisdictional will or separate situs wills for its succession.  Both are valid. What […]