The landmark 2018 Supreme Court judgement of “Aruna Shanbaug Case” legalized “Passive Euthanasia” which is an act of withdrawal of life support system or withholding medical treatment which artificially prolongs life. In this case activist and author Pinki Virani asked for permission to pull out the life support of Aruna Shanbaug, a nurse who had […]

How to plan for succession of assets located in different countries

A separate will can be drafted as per the local laws so that it can be easily executed in each jurisdiction and interpreted by the Court   With globalisation, Indians have acquired assets in India and other countries. One can either prepare a single multi-jurisdictional will or separate situs wills for its succession.  Both are valid. What […]

Inheritance rights of adopted, illegitimate, stepchildren, separated spouse, live-in partner

More than ever, India is witnessing an increase in divorce cases, multiple marriages, live-in relationships, having stepchildren, children from previous marriage, adopted children, children born out of wedlock. In this article we explain to you the inheritance rights of the partner and the child in context of the succession laws and the court judgements for Hindus in […]

Succession Laws for each Class of Asset

While planning for succession one needs to identify each class of asset that a person owns or holds; identify the applicable law of succession for each asset class and accordingly take necessary steps to plan for its succession. The succession laws for various types of assetsis discussed below. I. Immovable Property 1. Sole Ownership – […]

It’s time that we give a serious thought to succession of our wealth

As the world is evolving at a faster pace, so is the financial markets evolving and so is the definition and component of wealth changing for the modern man. Today, the term ‘Wealth’ includes financial products such as mutual funds, stocks, shares, bonds, PMS, AIFs, REITs, venture funds etc. The majority of the high-net-worth individuals […]