Brent is Range-Bound Occasionally Tilted by Geo-Political Developments

Gold Looks Resisted at Higher Levels,Awaiting Fresh Triggers

Gold Struggling to Break Through the
2060 Level

Brent Likely to be Range-Bound

Should you get into metals? What to buy in pharma?

Dollar Movements May Be Linked To
US Interest Rate Policy

The Booming Yellow Metal

Brent Reflects Some Amount Of
Demand Destruction

Brent May Be Highly Volatile

Gold Looks Well Supported At Current Levels

Gold Prices Pick Up a Bullish Tinge but
Mostly Dollar-driven

Brent Well Supported At Current Levels

Gold Is Pretty Range-bound

Gold looking for a reason to move up…

Equities may be less volatile and makes better investment sense

Brent Prices Supported by Supply Constraints

Gold Remains Lacklustre

Banking & Financial Services Funds

SDL Funds: Advantages of Long-Term Debt Funds


Banking & Financial Services Funds

The Galloping Dollar

Yields Stable to Lower but Pressures Persist

SDL Funds: Advantages of Long- Term Debt Funds

Yields Trend Lower but No Directional Change As Yet…

Equities Looks Set to Turn a New Leaf

The Fed and the Markets: A Cat that Catches Mice…

Brent May Edge Lower

Dollar Surges Again…

Gold Trades in Narrow Ranges

Brent – Supply Constraints Support Elevated Prices Now…

The Dollar Index Soars High…

All That Glitters…

Primary Auctions, OMOs Push Yields Higher…

Inflation Surges, Further Policy Action Not Too Distant

Slaying the Demon of Inflation… the Priority

Inflation Surges, Could Invite Policy Action

Crude May Stay Elevated, But Falling Demand Holds Out a Little Hope…

Equities, a Buy on Any Correction In Prices…

Banking & Financial Services Funds

Rate Normalization May be on the Cards

Fed Rate Hike, Its implications

Brent, More Complex Dynamics

Good Times for the US Dollar

Inflation and Geo-Political Tensions Bring Gains in Gold Prices

Market Rates May Continue Their Upward Walk

Inflation Touches 7 Months’ High…

RBI Policy: Rates Unchanged but the Next Policy Statement More Crucial

Global Economies: Policy Divergence and Long-term Expectations

Brent, Being Pulled From Both Ends

US Dollar in a Transitory Phase, Slightly Weaker

Gold May Test Higher Levels, Though Upside is Quite Limited

Equities, Some Cheer on Budget Expectations

Global Economies, Business as Usual Despite the Seeping Third Wave…

Estate & Succession Planning

Currency Markets

Gold Update

Equities, Trailing Normalization

Rising Yields with Normalization…

RBI Policy: Aggressive Liquidity Management, Higher Short-Term Rates

GDP Update – Q2FY22

Tapering – Further Acceleration Expected

Brent is Floating at Crucial Levels

Dollar Holds Its Sway…

Gold Bounces Back After a While…

Equity Volatility May Be On The Rise…

Bond Yields Edge Higher…

Normalization Takes Over…

Oil Spills the Story…

It’s Dollar All the Way…

Gold May Test Lower Levels

Equity Markets

Bond Yields Set to Rise….

Monetary Policy: Rationalization of Liquidity the Dominant Theme

The Fed: One Step Closer to Tapering

Succession Laws for each Class of Asset

Brent Set to Stay Range-bound

Currencies Well Anchored to Rise in US Dollar Yields

Gold May Trade in Narrow Ranges

Secular Growth Trends May Delimit the Scope for Deeper Equity Corrections

High Liquidity and Low Inflation Helpful in the Immediate Term

Jackson Hole and After

GDP Update – Q1FY22

Brent Slips to the Floor

Gold Remains Subdued, Trending Lower

Currency Levels Awaiting Macro Numbers

Equities – It Pays to be Conscious of the Immediate Choices

Long End Yields Rise Gradually

Two Giants and Global Growth

Monetary Policy: Market sniffs an approaching normalization

2021 – A New Era for Rental Real Estate in India

OPEC+ Discussions Spill Over to Conditionalities

Currency Yields Matter, Dollar Rules

Gold Tossed Around Like a Light Cork

Normalization of Liquidity May Be Gradualistic

Equities Have Priced-in All the Known Factors

Europe and Asia: Convergence in Growth-Inflation Dynamics

Is the Fed and the Markets on Parallel Tracks?


US Dollar Continues To Retain Its Stronger Undertone…