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Emkay Capital Builder is a solution that invests in select companies across large, mid-cap & small-cap stocks. The primary objective of the strategy is Absolute Returns and Creating Sustainable Wealth through Research-backed investments and focusing on Business with Growth. All the portfolios are Focused Portfolios, keeping a discipline of avoiding company & sector allocation concentration & at the same time avoiding over-diversification.

Emkay Capital Builder allows complete flexibility in selection of stocks across market capitalization.

Capital preservation and appreciation over-time through an “absolute returns” approach.

Investing in sectors and companies expected to benefit from the fast-paced growth of the Indian economy and having a competitive advantage with a significant size that will benefit both from market share gains and growth of the opportunity size.

Our unique proprietary process seeks to differentiate business on basis of management capability, integrity and skin in the game to deliver growth over-time.

Strategy consistently seeks to identify businesses with good intrinsic value and reasonable price

Focused portfolio with no over-diversification.

Benchmark – NIFTY 500

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