Earning wealth is indeed a difficult task, but preserving and growing that wealth could be even tougher, if not guided well.

Whether a salaried person or a business tycoon, there are there phases in every person’s financial life. They are:

At Emkay, we create customised wealth management solutions based on your wealth management stage and goal.

In fact, the best practices we adopt to provide you with solutions too change accordingly.

Your wealth goals fall under this stage if you are looking at strategic opportunities to invest and grow your wealth at a significant pace across asset classes. Most wealth creators are in this stage during their peak career years – 25 to 55 years of age. However, this doesn’t hold true for all individuals. This is also the stage when you are typically open to medium to high-risk investment avenues. To help you accumulate wealth based on your goals, this is the 4-step process we follow:

Risk Analysis

Depending on your income flow, existing assets, and overall wealth goals, you will fall under high-risk, medium-risk, or low-risk taker category. Before we can plan your investments across different assets, our experts conduct a risk analysis of your profile to ensure your risk exposure matches your profile requirement.

Asset Allocation

Once our team has spent time conducting risk analysis, the next step is to consider different asset types for investment and growth based on your individual wealth goals. For instance, if your goals include preference for a certain asset type or another, our team will ensure higher allocation directly in that asset type, or another high potential asset type to attain this goal in a timely manner.

Investment Solutions

Once your asset allocation is planned, only then will we recommene investment solutions under each of the asset categories. This ensures that each of the solutions are tailored to meet your goals rather an all-solution-fit-everyone approach.

Asset Management

As experts who are backed by continuous research, we understand that market volatility is a constant. Therefore we regularly track both, the market and your portfolio performance. This continuous, judicious asset management approach ensures we deliver well on our clients trust and goals.


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