Earning wealth is indeed a difficult task, but preserving and growing that wealth could be even tougher, if not guided well.

Whether a salaried person or a business tycoon, there are three phases in every person’s financial life. They are:

At Emkay, we create customised wealth management solutions based on your wealth management stage and goal.

In fact, the best practices we adopt to provide you with solutions too change accordingly.

The second stage in your wealth management journey is the preservation stage. On an average, wealth creators reach this stage post the wealth gains that they’ve made in the accumulation stage are well-worth preserving. As you get closer to your long-term goals, your wealth management strategy must evolve too. The strategy must offer higher stability and predictability, ensuring protection against inflation and market volatility, along with tax benefits.

At Emkay, we create wealth management strategies that involve lower risks and offer calculated returns on investments by following this rigorous two-step process:


At Emkay, we pay great emphasis on research. In fact, our research team has won several awards owing to its meticulous approach. We believe research becomes even more crucial at the preservation stage since risk appetite comes down significantly as compared to the accumulation stage.

Regular execution and overseeing along with continues research ensure your portfolio is well-protected and risk mitigation is at its peak, Further, technology-based monitoring adds to our team’s execution prowess, serving as an additional tool for market environment updates and swift risk mitigation.


The asset investment and reallocation process we follow during the preservation stage takes into consideration your wealth goals as well as the best practices for this stage. This ensures your wealth preservation isn’t about meeting average returns but is in close alignment with your risk appetite and goals.


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