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Prepare for Tomorrow. Leave a lasting Legacy

Your Future your Way, with comprehensive Succession Planning

Ensure that your wealth passes to your family as per your wishes

Get customized advice on accumulating, preserving & transmitting wealth

Let us guide you better on your wealth creation journey

Let us help you assess newer financial opportunities

Our forte lies not only in building your wealth for today but in sustaining it for posterity. The experience and expertise we have garnered over the last 20 years have made us vigilant, preemptive and agile in any kind of market condition.
Our team of credible wealth managers can help you make smart investment decisions that weather the storm of economic instability, inflation, policy changes & market volatility.
Emkay Wealth has become a trusted financial services partner in india. We are eager to associate with you on your financial journey.
Not only because we are India’s leading wealth management group that has been trusted by over 10,000+ high net worth investors & businesses, but because we think beyond the conventional ways of wealth creation.
We offer sound research-based financial advice that allows individuals, promoter-driven companies, family businesses and corporates to attain financial objectives in a planned, systematic and process-based manner.

With a highly experienced team of leaders at the helm, we guarantee, quick decision-making, sound guidance and strategic asset management, so that you can capitalize on opportunities.

Through in-depth research and our proprietary – Enhanced Efficiency Model, we identify & analyze potential risks and asset exposure so that your portfolio stays well-protected, yet profitable.

Superior-Risk Management

All our wealth management strategies are backed by an award-winning research team that has been recognized for its meticulous approach towards wealth creation. Our technology-based monitoring only adds to the team’s research & execution prowess.

Right from helping you identify, who should step into your shoes, to ensuring the smooth transfer of assets; our dedicated estate & succession planning team will walk with you through your journey. So whenever you choose to step down, you can rest assured that your legacy will carry on.

Emkay Wealth Advantage

Diversification that minimizes asset exposure
Futuristic technology to formulate better strategies
Focus on risk management & bottom-line protection
Protecting clients’ interests with confidentiality & integrity
Strong research guidance
& portfolio monitoring

About Emkay Wealth Management

We are pioneers in global financial advisory services, offering you well-researched and cogent advice on acquiring, preserving & growing your wealth successfully. We understand your specific needs and aim to provide you with an all-encompassing solution that will help you realize your financial goals.
For over 15 years, we have been providing top-notch wealth management services to our clients who are looking for safe and sound capital investment opportunities. We deal with all kinds of investments like stocks, equity, bonds, mutual funds, alternative investment funds and much more.
We have successfully served an array of distinguished clients around the globe; this includes foreign institutional investors (FIIs), domestic mutual funds, hedge funds, banks, insurance companies and private equity firms as well as corporate houses and high net worth individuals (HNIs).
Rs. 20,000 Crs.+ of AUM Providing strategic financial services since 1995 1000+ Blue Chip companies empanelled

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