Earning wealth is indeed a difficult task, but preserving and growing that wealth could be even tougher, if not guided well.

Whether a salaried person or a business tycoon, there are three phases in every person’s financial life. They are:

At Emkay, we create customised wealth management solutions based on your wealth management stage and goal.

In fact, the best practices we adopt to provide you with solutions too change accordingly.

The third stage in your wealth management journey is the transmission stage. You are most likely retired at this stage or past an active career. It is when you are looking to do estate and succession planning while ensuring your wealth continues to serve you well in post-retirement years. Here’s how we help you with at this wealth management stage.


Our approach of creating solutions that best match your unique goals extends to this wealth management stage. We help you devise a strategy that ensures your wealth is transferred to stakeholders of your choice at an opportune time. This isn’t limited to will creation but also advisory related to setting up trusts, reorganising business interests, taxation, superannuation, and gifting.

This is an equally important stage as the previous two stages in your wealth management journey since it consolidates information and knowledge for your heirs, avoids inheritance disputes in the family, and ensures your wealth grows with the right stakeholders for years to come.

Our expertise in this sector includes:

  • Drafting of Wills
  • Creation of Private Family Trusts
  • Succession planning for family-owned businesses
  • Succession planning for NRI family members

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