Dollar Movements May Be Linked To
US Interest Rate Policy

The currency markets are led by the trajectory of US interest rates to a large extent. With inflation coming down and the US economy registering robust growth the likelihood of US interest rate policy getting into a tightening mode after three pauses can be ruled out. This has resulted in a kind of selling of […]

The Booming Yellow Metal

The yellow metal has boomed from the lows seen in the last six months to level beyond US$ 2000, and currently it is perched at 2010 level. The boom was possible with the depreciation of the US Dollar against other currencies, and the fall in the Dollar Index, both of which were possible due to […]

Brent Reflects Some Amount Of
Demand Destruction

Brent is trading at US$ 78 per barrel, and it looks like it may be range-bound in the immediate term with a negative bias. In our last update we had mentioned two opposing factors that are at work as far as the direction of oil prices is concerned. “There are two theories that are discussed […]

Monetary Policy: Stability From A Prolonged Hold

As far as policy rates are concerned, it is going to be a period of prolonged hold. The Monetary Policy Committee of the RBI, in its meeting decided to keep the base rates unchanged. This is in line with the general expectations. This is also in alignment with the RBI’s objectives of controlling inflation, and […]